Words, Words, Words

We all know the best way to prepare for the English in the AQE and GL test is to read, read, read – but sometimes a little calm and specific focus on words can go a long way to helping the child develop a clearer understanding of their real meaning.

To help you with this, I was sent a set of 100 words and I’ve listed this below for you to use with your child, to check their understanding.

If anyone else (teachers, tutors or parents) has other sets of words in MS Word, I’d be happy to add them – just send me an attachment directly by email, but for now this should get you started.


100 Words

Absolutely Determination Hamper Maim
Received Aggressive Disappearing Healthier
Method Reclaim Attractive Disappointment
Heir Mistrust Regretted Audience
Discomfort Hideous Mysterious Selfless
Automatically Donation Hinder Nomad
Separation Believing Enormous Hostile
Nourish Sincerely Claimed Enthusiastically
Humour Numerous Skilfully Cleanliness
Eventually Impatience Obedient Skipped
Client Excellent Impulsive Occupation
Sleepiness Comfortable Excitement Inactive
Occurred Sovereign Complaint Exhausted
Independent Optimistic Sufficient Condense
Extravagant Industrious Panicking Supposed
Congregation Familiar Inferior Piercing
Suspense Consequence Fiercely Inflexible
Placid Taut Continually Flawless
Inscribe Pliable Tepid Convenient
Flexible Insufficient Postpone Towards
Courteous Format Lavish Preparation
Towing Creditable Furrow Leisure
Preserve Variety Curiously Galleon
Logical Quarry Vigorously Definitely
Grimace Luxurious Realistic Weariness



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