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Thank you so much to the transfer tutor for all your help and advice during the transfer process. I found your page absolutely amazing as it covers everything. All the wee tips and reassurance along the journey were so helpful and us parents fully appreciate the great lengths you have gone to in providing us with this information.

Nicola Avatar

My daughter used app while prepareing for transfer and it was brilliant for revision. I also found the Facebook page very helpful especially for parents. Thank you so much

Colleen O'loughlin Avatar
Colleen O'loughlin

Highly recommend and value the support and guidance provided from ‘The Transfer Tutor’. The tests were great but the wise, practical advice provided at each step along the way has been superb. Olga always seemed to come up with detail of all that was needed just when u need it. Big thanks.

Sarah Donaldson Avatar
Sarah Donaldson

The transfer tutor app was the best thing we got for practising for the Aqe .my kids loved doing the quizzes on their iPad ,they learnt a lot with it.thank you transfer tutor app.

Irene bates Avatar
Irene bates

We have had a highly positive experience and would wholeheartedly recommend The Transfer Tutor to incoming students as an excellent source of information, practice and support.

Beth Yarr Avatar
Beth Yarr

The support and help has been second to none. Helped answer questions for us as parents to make the entire process easier and the hints and tips along the way were brillant

Laura mclaughlin Avatar
Laura mclaughlin

A super app for engaging children in a different and fun way to learn and revise for transfer tests. We will be back with our next child.

Gerald Colan-O’Leary Avatar
Gerald Colan-O’Leary

We have a happy house today! Very happy child and such a relief. The transfer process is not easy but The Transfer Tutor App made it that much easier and Olga was an amazing fountain of knowledge who seemed to be able to work around the clock! I don't know where she got the time to be honest. Thank you for the app which is brilliant and did wonders for my daughter's confidence and I've one next year so I'm excited to learn about the changes for the new test - but I'm not worried because I know you'll keep me informed! Thank you.

Janine Wood Avatar
Janine Wood

Thank you so much for keeping us nervous parent’s so well informed about the new SEAG test. You made a stressful time less stressful!! I would definitely recommend you. Very much appreciated.

Anonymous Avatar

I really recommend this App.My son really enjoyed doing it on his tablet,it was a change from paper tests and the handy hints really helped him.Olga is amazing at helping us parents keep calm and up to date on all the SEAG information on the Facebook page. Definitely recommend the app if you want to get your P6 children started on SEAG practice.

Julie McAleese Avatar
Julie McAleese

Olga is a walking angel. She goes above and beyond to support and guide parents and ensure every child has the best possible chance with the transfer. Olga offers some paid and free services that can be accessed through her page. I have used the transfer App with my 3 eldest children and it has been a much needed support from start to finish and a place where parents in similar situations can also connect and discuss issues or queries. I have spoken to Olga many times and she has supported me on so many issues. It is evident to see that every child matters to Olga and she is one of those genuine, caring people who just loves to help and make a positive difference. Keep it up and follow this page and lady. Best thing you’ll ever do for you and your child !!

Lisa Marie Coyle Avatar
Lisa Marie Coyle

Excellent app and the support group is invaluable.

Gillian McDermott Avatar
Gillian McDermott

This group and app has been priceless, lovely bunch on here offering great support and advice. Olga has done a tremendous job, if you're kids are preparing for their AQE/GL then get on this group. The app tests are awesome too and not too strenuous ??

foolish birch585 Avatar
foolish birch585

I found this group very supportive. Even though I didn't post I found the conversations reassuring and very informative. Thank you for your existence, Olga and Co, you do a great job and provide much needed reassurance and guidance!!!

Judy Mee Avatar
Judy Mee

I found this so helpful worth every penny

Julie Odonnell Avatar
Julie Odonnell

Excellent to have this support group, couldn't have got through it as easy without Olga's great advice! Thank you. The APP is awesome too!

Ashley Bingham Avatar
Ashley Bingham

Great website for kids to learn and Olga provides a huge source of support for parents. Would highly recommend.

JD Doc Doc Avatar
JD Doc Doc

The app and the support group helped our family a lot. The app allowed my daughter to receive extra support but in a fun way. She was able to learn and develop without the stress of extra homework and practice papers. She actually enjoyed using the app.

The support group was invaluable to me, on a practical and emotional level. It provides a lot of information and assistance with paper questions and the actual AQE process, as well as being able to lean on others who understand your concerns for your child.

All round, an absolute asset for getting through a challenging time.

Lyndsey McKernan Avatar
Lyndsey McKernan

I can’t even do this site justice. The practice app is bite size enough that it is fun as well as informative, and the emails it sends me to let me know my child’s score more than helpful in showing me where her strengths and weaknesses where. The Facebook group was essential throughout the process, so much guidance I knew I was in safe hands. The other mums and dads have supported each other too, from help working out answers to our own little worries about the process. Couldn’t have spent my money better. Thank you Olga x

Noreen Jeffers Avatar
Noreen Jeffers

A fantastic App and at a really reasonable price. I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone who has a child going through the transfer process.

Olga also hosts both an amazingly supportive and informative Facebook group and her own blog. I have found these resources invaluable throughout the process.

Fiona Taylor Avatar
Fiona Taylor

More about The Transfer Tutor (Multi-Award Winning Online Quizzes)

The Transfer Tutor’s Online Quizzes provide a fun and interactive way to learn and practise Maths and English questions which are directly aligned to both the AQE and GL specifications.

All quizzes are broken down into manageable topics and there are many, great features including (but not limited to):

  • Mobile friendly and works on any internet device.
  • In many questions, there will be a ‘Hint’ option that offers the child details on the ‘rule’ or aids them to complete it correctly which helps their future application and confidence.
  • The Leaderboard at the end makes the child feel like they’re playing a game and having friendly competition.
  • Good use of colour and graphics which makes it exciting.
  • Parents receives a progress email at the end to let them know how their child did.

Simply choose the licence you need depending on the length of time you need access, click on the blue box, pay and then you’ll be off within minutes.

For any further questions, please contact me or check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Try It Out:

To give you a feel for the quizzes, why not try out the quick fire free quiz by clicking on the button below (no need to register or pay, so don’t worry). This will hopefully let you see how the questions work – or more importantly, let you see if this is something that would inspire and encourage your child to learn.


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Free Facebook Group

You may have read in the reviews about people referring to the Facebook Support Group and this is certainly a great place to keep informed, ask questions, get support and keep up-to-date with anything happening in the transfer space.

It’s free to join but please ensure you have a genuine Facebook profile picture (ghost pictures are not approved as not deemed authentic) and then simply click here and answer the simple questions -> Join Facebook Group.