English Practice Questions

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Words ending -ar -er -or

Testing a clear understanding of words ending in -ar, -er and -or.

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Parts of Speech

Questions to test understanding on nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, proper nouns, prepositions and collective nouns.

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A full test to ensure you know all the homophones that could be tested in the AQE test. 

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Practical questions to ensure the right suffix is used for words.
Includes -ence/-ance, -ar/-or/-er, -al/-el/-le, -sion/-tion, -able/-ible and -ent/-ant

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Questions to check understanding in the use of a proper prefix.
Includes in-, il-, un-, im-, ir-, dis-, non-

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ed and ing

Adding -ed and -ing

Questions to test clear understanding on how to manage words if you need to add -ed or -ing.
For example: plan->planning (adding an additional n) and move->moving (removing the e first).

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Newspapers & Print

Questions to test understanding of the different roles within a newspaper and common wording e.g. obituaries and o.n.o. 

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Apostrophes can indicate either a possession (ownership) or it can indicate a contraction.  These questions test understanding on the difference between them both.

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Making Nouns Plural

This quiz tests that all the rules for making nouns plural are known, along with the exceptions to the rules.

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ei ei

-ie- or -ei- words

For common words, ensuring a good understanding between the words that have -ie- e.g. achieve or -ei- e.g. deceive. 

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Questions to test understanding on when to use capital letters, apostrophes, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas and speech marks.

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Poetry & Prose

Questions in this test will concentrate on learning within typical poetry and prose questions. 

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Animal – Male, Female, Young and Group

Testing understanding of animal names including the male, female, young and groups.  These can often come up in comprehensions and so a clear understanding is important.

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Testing common idioms / colloquialisms to ensure these are known and understood. Easy when you know them!

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People’s Jobs / Occupations

Questions that focus on testing knowledge about people’s jobs or occupation names.

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Common Misspelt Words

There are lists of common misspelt words and this quiz focuses on testing these words to reinforce the correct spelling.

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Countries / Nationalities / Languages

At times it’s important to know that people from certain countries, have a specific nationality and speak a certain language.  This can support understanding of comprehensions or poems.

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Abbreviations are used in many occasions through the AQE exam, from comprehensions, poetry and prose.  It is important that all typical abbreviations are learnt and known. 

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unique past

Unique Past Tenses

These questions focus on the past tenses that don’t follow the normal rules, that is, not simply adding -ed.

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Calendar & Days

Questions to test understanding of ‘special’ days throughout the year and also the ability to add days to a date to get a new day and date.

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Alphabetical Order

Putting words in order by simply moving them up and down on the screen

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