Twaddell & Woodvale Residents Association Page

Dear parent, welcome on board!

With special thanks to the Twaddell & Woodvale Residents Association, please send me your details so I can set up your FREE Licence which will help your child prepare for the new SEAG test (replacing the AQE and GL) and they can work on their own as the answers are all explained.

Please Read The Following Instructions Before Choosing Your Username & Password.

Before you get going you need to decide on a Username and Password but there’s just a few things you need to think about before you make your final decision

Username Considerations:

  • This will show up on the leaderboard at the end, so something fun, friendly and relatable to the child is recommended.
  • It must be at least 4 characters
  • It will consist of only 1 word only (no spaces)
  • Using your email address is not recommended (as it will show up on the leadership table).
  • Do not use any ‘funny characters’ like ^%$& as this will be perceived as computer code and will impact on the quiz functionality.
  • The Username is case sensitive when logging in (so you need to use a capital letter if you’ve chosen one)

Password Considerations:

  • I recommend you choose something simple e.g. transfer
  • It does not need to be complicated.
  • The password is also case sensitive, so all lower case might be easier.

Please Complete Form Below:

This will appear on the leaderboard at the end and must be at least four letters/numbers and cannot contain any funny characters e.g. &, $, ! etc.
Must be at least four letters/numbers and cannot contain any funny characters e.g. &, $, ! etc.
This will be used for a confirmation text when the licence has been set up. Just in case the email drifts into the spam/junk folder.
Please double check this is correct.
Anything else you would like to add?