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Thank You And Welcome On Board.

Please Read The Following Instructions Before Choosing Your Username & Password.

Thank you for purchasing The Transfer Tutor and before you get going you need to decide on a Username and Password but there’s just a few things you need to think about before you make your final decision

Username Considerations:

  • This will show up on the leaderboard at the end, so something fun, friendly and relatable to the child is recommended.
  • It must be at least 4 characters
  • It will consist of only 1 word only (no spaces)
  • Using your email address is not recommended (as it will show up on the leadership table).
  • Do not use a * symbol as this will be perceived as computer code and will impact on the quiz functionality.
  • The Username is case sensitive when logging in (so you need to use a capital letter if you’ve chosen one)

Password Considerations:

  • I recommend you choose something simple e.g. transfer
  • It does not need to be complicated.
  • The password is also case sensitive, so all lower case might be easier.

If there is a problem registering or logging in please get in touch via email or phone / text to 07880335848.

For each of these links, a new tab will open so this page will always be there for you to come back and complete registration.

  • Facebook Page – if you’re on Facebook, you will want to give this a quick Like as it is always a great source of information the quizzes, the whole transfer process and a bit of fun at times.
  • SEAG Support Group on Facebook– this is a fantastic group of parents who share everything and ask lots of questions, so definitely a great source of information and support.
  • Instagram Page – If Instagram is your social media of choice, give The Transfer Tutor a follow for all the latest hints, tips, motivations and blog posts.
  • Twitter Account – follow us on Twitter for all the latest excitements, general engagement and blog posts.
  • LinkedIn Page – If this is where you hang out most, you can follow The Transfer Tutor for all the latest updates, blogs and offers.

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