School Requesting More Information


Thank you for taking the time to read the email and request further information on the bulk discount available through schools.

There is no cost to the school and the way it works is outlined in the seven-stage process below:

  1. You register your interest by filling in the form below.
  2. I’ll reply (usually very quickly) with an email including a copy of the leaflet and a template letter to use with parents. If you’re not fully electronic, I can also post you actual leaflets to be used for sending home.
  3. You send letter and leaflet home with children so that parents have the opportunity to opt in.
  4. Parents fill in an online reply to The Transfer Tutor with the information to set up their licence.
  5. The Transfer Tutor sets up the licence and confirms with the parents by email and text (just in case email went to spam/junk folder).
  6. Parents confirm with the school through a reply slip (in template letter) and payment sent to the school.
  7. When all licences are set up, payment is arranged from school to The Transfer Tutor.

This process has worked perfectly with many schools across Northern Ireland and all have been delighted on how smooth I make it happen. So, if you would like to proceed, all I need to do is send you leaflets and a template letter, so that the discount process can begin.

Thanks and speak soon.