Prefix Practice

Putting rules around english topics is a great way of offering the child a guaranteed way of getting the correct answer without any self-doubt – as long as they know and can apply the rules.  This, of course is great for driving up the score but can also be a contributor in speeding things up as the child won’t get stuck on a question or take extra time to deliberate the answer.

Here are the rules to help with prefixes:


These are tested in The Transfer Tutor Online Quizzes which is great for the child to practise independently, but if you don’t have this, then you can use the words below to run through these with your child in preparation for the AQE / GL test.

Instructions if you don’t have The Transfer Tutor:

  1. Go over the rules and explain how it works for the child.
  2. Ask the child which prefix goes before each of the words below.
  3. Prompt them and support them with the rules if they get stuck.

Prefixes to choose from:


Words to complete:

_material, _certain, _rational, _curable, _advantage, _legal, _conformist, _mortal, _married, _patient, _regular, _dependent, _agreeable, _different, _fit, _legible, _entity, _perfect, _modest, _replaceable, _continue, _tied, _toxicating, _stop, _dress, _pure, _truth, _real, _literate, _legitimate, _essential, _mistakeable, _appear, _believable, _relevant, _perfect, _comfort, _existence, _lawful, _polite, _skilled, _connect, _different, _probable, _obey, _polite, _pure, _reasonable, _reverent, _trust, _pack, _respective, _direct, _modest, _steady, _audible, _responsible, _probable, _frequent, _respectful, _correct, _complete

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