Welcome To The Transfer Tutor

Lots of sites and apps focus on repeated testing of questions, over and over, with the hope that the kids will pick up the theory and rules (somehow, someday) and eventually get it right the next time. However, we all know the sign of an insane man is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

This site is different!

This site focuses on teaching and testing the kids on the theory/rules because, without this fundamental learning, they will not achieve the success they want.   Building on ‘why’ a child should approach a certain question in a certain way will arm them with the tools needed to apply this to practice questions.

For example:

Question : Put down the plural of fairy.

Adult speak: OK, we all know the answer is ‘fairies’, just because we know, but this doesn’t help the child especially if they see a word that they have not encountered before and yet we just expect them to get it ‘somehow, someday’.

The Theory / Rules : If there is a word ending in Y, look at the letter before it.  If it is a vowel, then just add an ‘S’.  If it is a consonant, then take out the Y and add ‘IES’.  Simples!