GL Results – Statistical Analysis

If you’re requesting your information from Post Primary Transfer Consortium (for GL scores) and would like to provide that information for statistical purposes, please fill in the details below.

If we get the right level of responses, it will then be possible to give an indication as to the actual score that you would’ve needed to achieve in 2018 for an A, B1, B2 etc. This should help those coming behind you and offer some guidance and hopefully reassurance.

However, this is up to you because a large dataset it needed for this to be calculated with certainty, so if people choose not to make the effort, then this will not be possible. Over to you…

P.S. You can request your information directly from the Test Centre where your child sat the test.

Personal Information

Just in case there is a query with the information.

Information Requested From Test Centre:

Information From Posted Results Sheet:

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