Checking Service

Post-Primary Form Checking Service

This is a one-to-one service with me to go over your school choices and see if they make sense or if anything jumps out at me, that maybe you should be considering.

I know that I’ve helped thousands of people since Results Day though direct messages, in the FB Support Group and dedicated blogs, so I’m actually hoping you won’t need this service, but I also know there are still a few people who are concerned they’re not making their best decisions and might need this one-to-one consultation.

I love to offer free advice and I do often, but as this will require me going over documents and dedicating time between now and next week, I’ve priced this as £45 per session.

Sessions will be carried out over zoom.

But, I don’t think many will need this service and my hope is that demand will be low (I’m clearly such a great entrepreneur 🤣) and if this is out of your price range, have faith in yourself and check all the blogs and posts I’ve put up as I’m confident this will sufficiently guide you.

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