Child Unplaced & No School Allocated

This year seems to have been particularly harsh with 1.38% of all children not receiving a school place, which has left over three hundred children devastated and unsure of their school next year.

To address this, The Transfer Tutor (Online Quizzes) is working with some key individuals to support the collection of data, so that hotspots can be identified and remedial action is put in place, ensuring that these individuals receive support now and there is not a repeat of this next year.

If you’re in the position that your child has not received a school place in a local secondary or grammar school, there are people ready to help and together we can be stronger.

This form was set up by the request of Elaine Brown who is trying to get as many details of children who have not received a place in a school in the East Belfast area and to pass this information onto Jim Rodgers and Sonia Copeland. In this area, in particular, they are arranging a meeting with the Private Secretary and the more details they have for unplaced children the better the case they can present. Alan Chambers is doing the same in North Down but it looks like the schools in North Down are pushing as well. If you know of anyone who would like to give Elaine their details, please fill in the attached form. Something needs done about this situation and Elaine would like to help if she can.

Although Elaine is focused on the East Belfast area, that is only because there seems to be a particular problem in that place, but if you are in a similar situation, in a different area, please complete your details and she can pass this on to the relevant people to try and help.

Please fill in the details in the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.